Tuesday, February 19, 2019

a few examples of TreeCycled Art souvenirs!

COLUMBINE - Colorado State Flower. Hand lettered Personalized as desired from "Colorado" to the area such as "VAIL" or the tourist area visited as a remembrance from the area!  A keepsake ornament!

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH - Wyoming State Flower. Again hand lettered personalization of the area makes this a keeper!

RED FOX SLEEPING IN THE GRASS.....awww....so cute and again the key is the hand lettered personalization.

 BIG BUTT BEAR by Irene Cloos.  A classic image so popular in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains and more.  Hand lettered personalization such as "Deep Creek Lake" in Maryland is what makes this a remembrance of the trip!

 PASQUE FLOWER is the South Dakota state flower.  Usually personalized for the area.

 HUMMINGBIRD TO ROSE is lovely and so magical as anyone who love hummingbirds knows!

 SILVERTON, COLORADO is well known for the destination of the Durango Silverton train through the majestic Rocky Mountains!  Here is the example of the hand lettering personalization!

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